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GEMINI (GM41002)


Climbing set with one tower without a roof. Construction is in grey color, the floor in red color and side of the slide in yellow color. 
Playground device consists of the wavy slide, entrance ramp with rope, one tower, entrance ladder, two net structures, two rope ladders, and rotating element.
Construction is made of galvanized steel and powder painted, the surface of the slide is made of stainless steel, sides of the slide made of HDPE material and floor made of PE material.

Playground device consists of

  • 1x tower
  • 1x wavy slide
  • 1x entrance ladder
  • 1x rotating element
  • 1x entrance ramp with rope
  • 2x rope ladders
  • 2x net structures

Product details

  • Dimensions: 6,88 x 2,33 x 2,16m
  • Safety area: 10,36 x 5,40 m
  • Free fall height: 1,95m
  • Age: > 3 years
  • A certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176


Construction consists of pipes with a round profile. Platform made of PE material with anti-slip elements on it. Ropes with diameter 16mm, connection for the ropes - plastic. The slide made of stainless steel and sides of the slide made of HDPE material with thickness 19mm.

Category Climbing walls
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