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MISTRAL 3 (GM0473)


Playground roundabout with diameter 1,7m; three seats located on the three arms of the carousels connected to the central post with a round circle which move the product. The floor is covered by PE plate. Thanks to this solution the roundabout's floor is soft, safer and anti-slip. Moreover, it is not heating during sunny days and it is not freezing during the winter.

Playground device consists of:

  • 1x platform
  • 3x seats with backrests
  • 1x post with a circle to move the roundabout

Product details

  • Dimensions: 1,70 x 1,70 x 0,72 m
  • Safety area: 5,70 x 5,70 m
  • Free fall height: 0,72 m
  • Age: > 3 years
  • A certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176


Construction made of hot galvanized steel and powder painted. The floor made of PE material.


Category Roundabouts
Dimensions 1,7 x 1,7 x 0,72m
Free fall height 0,72m
Age -

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