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Saturn swing with gondola is dedicated for one wheelchair user only. More than one person can't use it at the same time. Person inside can alone move the swing or stop it using ropes which are located for both sides of the swing. When the swing is in use any person can stay directly nearby safety area. Exploitation possible only under supervision of adult person responsible for swing's user and persons being around.

To close the gondola it's important to close the entrance gate using side chains and close upper gate. To open gondola it's necessary to open first upper gate. Wheelchair during play should be blocked with the brake. The gondola has rubber bumpers which are located for both sides of the swing.

Optional is possible install lock system to secure the swing from no wheelchair users. Lock system works very simple - is mounted under the platform and when the gate is open and lock system is close then it's impossible for anyone to move the swing. The swing is activated only when lock system is open then it's possible to close the gate for gondola and move the swing.

Color of construction is grey, color of gondola is red. Construction is made of galvanized steel and powder painted.

It's recommended to use system fencing that separates the swing's usage zone and information board.

In link below you could check our short video which shows how to use Saturn swing:

Playground device consists of

  • 1x frame with 4 legs
  • 1x gondola with 2 ropes to move the swing
  • 1x entrance ramp
  • 3x bumpers
  • 2x gas springs

Product details

  • Dimensions: 2,94 x 1,9 x 2,61m
  • Safety area: 7,14 x 4,40m
  • Certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176


Metal pipes: 42,40 x 2,00 mm, 38,00 x 2,00 mm, 60,30 x 2,60 mm, 88,90 x 2,70 mm with profile 40,00 x 27,00 x 2,00 mm. The legs for the swing: 88,90 x 2,00 mm. Platform: aluminium plate 3,00 mm. Rope 16mm with the plastic ending.

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